In Joseph Tsirakkis LLC, we possess the necessary skills and know-how to ensure all-encompassing legal support to its clients in every step of pursuing an investment in real estate property.

We represent a wide variety of developers, lenders, as well as local and international investors. We advise clients on the full array of complex issues arising in this industry, including acquisitions, disposals, due diligence, development, planning, projects and construction. We have enhanced knowledge of the Cypriot real property market and the issues associated with due diligence and transaction structuring, negotiation and implementation.

Our office, has comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of all issues relating to:

  • Legal due diligence on real estate: examination of ownership status and encumbrances, investigation of the applicable land planning regulations (building terms and permissible land uses).
    • Investment planning: legal vehicle, financing structure, tax planning.
    • Transaction implementation: negotiation and elaboration of property acquisition contracts, building contracts etc.
    • Licensing requirements: building licenses, approvals of environmental terms, miscellaneous permits and licenses.
    • Property management and operation: tenancy, leasing and time-sharing contracts, operational regulation, management contracts.
    • Representation in court and dispute resolution.
    • Constant monitoring and update on amendments of the applicable legislation.